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Cathrine Korsholm B.A. (she/her)

Cathrine Korsholm B.A. (she/her)

  • DARE Clinical Research Fellow

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2015-2019, University of Copenhagen, Denmark, B.A. Medicine
2019- , University of Copenhagen, Denmark, Masters in Medicine

  • Lundbeck Foundation Clinical Research Fellow 2020/2021 (DARE)

Cathrine Korsholm is a Danish, 5th year medical student and a 2020/2021 DARE Fellow (Danish
American Research Exchange). This coming year, she will investigate perinatal liver inflammation in
children, rodents, and piglets in a joint partnership between the University of Copenhagen, the DARE
Fellowship, and the Nijagal Lab. Alongside this, she will attend classes in ‘Designing clinical research' at
UCSF and in ‘Innovation' at Innovation Centre Denmark Silicon Valley.


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